Evangelization means proclaiming the Good News of new life in Christ. Its purpose is personal encounter with Jesus and conversion toward UNITY in COMMUNION and MISSION.

Catechesis builds on evangelization and is always situated within the context of evangelization. Its two-fold objective is to bring initial faith to maturity and to form true disciples of Christ through a deeper and more systematic knowledge of the person and message of Jesus. (cf. Catechesi tradendae, 19).

Areas of Ministry — English and Spanish

Parish Leadership In-Services 
Catechist Formation 
Master Catechist Formation 
Catechist Certification/Renewal 
Catechetical Conferences/ Workshops/Retreat 
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults 
Rite of Christian Initiation adapted for Children 
Rite of Election 
Infant Baptism 
Adult Faith Formation              
Small Faith Communities 
Family Catechesis 
Preschool Religious Education 
Special Religious Education 
Library of Textbooks