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The Call to Evangelize

Evangelization and Catechesis

Maturity of Faith – The Intent of All Catechesis


Lay Ecclesial Ministry

The Parish Director of Catechetical Ministry

Other Catechetical and Evangelization Leaders

Balancing Ministry and Profession

Qualities and Competencies

Academic Qualifications

Experience Necessary

Procedures for Seeking Employment

Safe Environment Program

Compensation for Services

Accountability and Evaluation

Contact With the Diocesan Office

Ongoing Professional Growth

Avoiding Burnout

Employee Assistance Program




Essential Relationships

Diocesan Bishop

Office for Evangelization and Catechetical Ministry

Pastors and Parishes

Other Parish Ministers

Parish Pastoral Council/Boards

Parents and Families

Catechists and Others Who Serve in Catechesis


Catechist Formation, Certification and Renewal

Qualities of a Catechist 

Selection and Formation of Catechists

Catechist Certification in the Diocese of San Diego

Certification – Basic Catechist Formation Course

Certification – Diocesan Institute

Certification – Evaluation of Individual Profile

Basic Certification Process

Advanced Catechist Certification

Renewal of Certification

Diocesan Specialization


Master Catechist Certification

Qualities and Qualifications of Master Catechists


Liturgy, Catechesis and Sacraments

Sacramental Principles

The Baptismal Catechumenate

Christian Initiation of Adults

Christian Initiation of Children

The Process of Initiation

Reception of Baptized Christians into Full Communion

Ecumenical Sensitivity

Resolution of Previous Marriages

Team Formation for RCIA

Preparation of Parents for Baptism of Their Children

Preparation for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist


Liturgies with Children

Liturgy of the Word with Children


Recruiting for Evangelization and Catechetical Ministry:   Practical Help 1

Nurturing and Recognizing Those Who Serve:   Practical Help 2

Scheduling:   Practical Help 3

Planning Month by Month:   Practical Help 4

Goal Setting and Planning:   Practical Help 5

Procedure for Developing Mission Statement:   Practical Help 6

Planning Workshops and Liturgies :  Practical Help 7

Checklist for Planning Workshop Details:  Practical Help 8

Checklist of  Common Needs for Workshops:  Practical Help  9

Checklist of Eucharistic Liturgy Needs:   Practical Help 10

Budget Preparation:Practical Help 11

Budget Preparation Worksheet:   Practical Help 12

Stress/Burnout:  Practical Help 13

Recommended Textbooks:   Practical Help 14

Media and Technology:   Practical Help 15

Media and Resource Center:   Practical Help 16

Pastoral Priorities-Diocese of San Diego:   Practical Help 17

Pastoral Priority II Indicators:   Practical Help 18

The Evangelizing Parish:   Practical Help 19

The Evangelizing Team:   Practical Help 20

Key Roles for Adult Faith Formation:   Practical Help 21


Policy 100—Programs which Respect Language, Culture, and Disabilities

Policy 110—Insurance Coverage for Children and Youth

Policy 111—Notification for Off-site Events

Policy 112—Requirements for Drivers Transporting Minors

Policy 113—Reporting Accidents

Policy 120—Child Abuse Reporting

Policy 121—Manner of Reporting Child Abuse

Policy 200—Need for Systematic Catechetical Formation

Policy 201—Home Schooling in Religion

Policy 210—Right of Children to Receive/Eucharist

Policy 211—Norm for Reception of Sacrament of Penance

Policy 212—Catechesis for Sacrament of Reconciliation

Policy 213—Reception of Penance-Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Policy 214—Reception of Eucharist-Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Policy 220—Employment of Professional Ministers

Policy 230—Certification of All Catechists

Policy 231—Renewal of Catechist Certification

Policy 232—Master Catechist Certification and Renewal

Policy 240—Permanent Records for Students and Staff

Policy 310—Preparation for Confirmation

Policy 311—Confirmation Candidate Requirements

Policy 312—Readiness of Candidates

Policy 313—Immediate Preparation for Confirmation

Policy 314—Sponsors for Confirmation

Policy 315—Confirmation Name

Policy 316—Dress for the Sacrament of Confirmation

Policy 317—Record of Conferral of Confirmation

Policy 400—Promotion of Evangelization

Policy 401—Goals for Evangelization

Policy 402—Small Church Communities

Policy 410—Process for Initiation of Adults

Policy 411—Christian Initiation of Children

Policy 412—Length of the Catechumenate Period

Policy 413—Celebration of the Rites

Policy 414—Team Implementation of the RCIA

Policy 415—Celebration of Initiation at the Easter Vigil

Policy 416—Complete Initiation of Children-Age of Reason

Policy 417—Participation in Rite of Election/Call to Continuing Conversion

Policy 418—Resolution of Previous Marriage Cases

Policy 419—Reception into Full Communion

Policy 420—Preparation of Parents for the Baptism of an Infant

Policy 421—Baptismal Catechesis

Policy 422—Delay of Baptism

Policy 423—Requirements of Godparents

Policy 424—Responsibility of Parents to Insure Religious Education

Administration-Diocesan-14—Policy on Sexual Misconduct

Administration-Diocesan-22—Policy on Sexual Abuse by Church Ministers

Administration-Diocesan-23—Code of Ethical Standards for Church Ministers

Administration-Diocesan-24—Policy on Safe Environment Programs


Sample Job Description-DCM: Guideline 1

Sample Job Description-Program Coordinator:  Guideline 2

Competencies for the DCM:  Guideline 3

Academic Qualifications:   Guideline 4

Certificate in Catechetical Ministry:  Guideline 5

Job Classifications-Religious Education and Adult Faith Formation:   Guideline 6

Sample Evaluation Form:   Guideline 7

Performance Improvement Counseling Form:   Guideline 8

Employee Assistance Program:   Guideline 9

Rules of Conduct:  Guideline 10

OECM—Purpose, Goals, Objectives:   Guideline 11

Items for Parent Handbook:   Guideline 12

Items for Catechist Handbook:   Guideline 13

Items for Student Registration Form:   Guideline 14

Procedures for Insuring Safety:  Guideline 15

Emergency Procedures:   Guideline 16

Earthquake and Fire Procedures:Guideline 16

Bomb Threat Procedures:Guideline 16

Procedure for Dealing with Student Threats:   Guideline 17

Parent Consent Form:   Guideline 18

Driver Information Sheet:   Guideline 19

Accident Reporting Form:   Guideline 20

Certification of Awareness of Child Abuse Reporting Law (Staff):   Guideline 21

Certification of Awareness of Child Abuse Reporting Law (Volunteer):   Guideline 22

Guidelines for Discipline:   Guideline 23

Permanent Record Cards:   Guideline 24

Outline of Basic Catechist Formation Course:   Guideline 25

Guidelines for Liturgy of the Word with Children:  Guideline 26

Handing on the Faith by Bishop Robert Brom:   Guideline 27

Conditional Baptism:   Guideline 28

Register of those Received into Full Communion:  Guideline 29