Diocesan Certification is awarded to persons completing course requirements in the particular areas of competence for preschool
catechesis and special religious education.

Diocesan certification is issued for three years and is renewable by attendance at thirty hours of course work or workshops. Diocesan specialization courses do not qualify a person for California Catechist Certification, but automatically renew California Catechist Certification and may be applied for Advanced Catechist Certification for the person who already holds California Catechist Certification.

Preschool Certification

The Diocesan Preschool Certification Course is designed to equip beginning catechists with sufficient background and skill to begin teaching at the preschool level. The fifteen-hour course is taught by a team of qualified preschool catechists.

The cost of the Preschool Course is $40.00 and includes the Preschool Manual and materials.

Special Religious Education Certification

The Special Religious Education Certification Course provides catechetical formation for catechists of persons of any age with mild to severe learning and/or physical disabilities. Certification is granted upon completion of nine clock hours of Special Religious Education coursework and six clock hours of diocesan sponsored workshops and / or conferences.

The cost of the Special Religious Education course is $30.00 and includes materials.